Quality assurance

Since 1998, we translate pursuant to the Standard for Translation Services DIN EN 15038 – our Reg.-No. 7U098


DIN EN 15038 specifies the guidelines for the quality assurance of translation services. A key constituent part of this current standard is that translations have to be supervised, from the onset of the acceptance of the order through to the submission of the completed order.


Our project managers ensure compliance with these requirements.


Their responsibilities include

  • determining the appropriate native speaker with the relevant academic qualifications for the specialist area, pursuant to the receipt of the order,
  • in the case of larger volumes with a short deadline, consultation with the client, with regard to whether agreement exists that several translators can in such cases work on the translation project. This in principle never occurs without prior consultation with the client and applies only to work translations. More ...,
  • verification, with regard to whether the translator disposes over the necessary technical equipment,
  • assuring and verifying the set,
  • maintaining contact between the client and the translator in case of questions, uncertainties, etc.

In principle, only a fixed set team of 2 – 3 translators works for a client. The linguistic and factual continuity as well as the style of the translation is as such ensured, at all times.

The translations are moreover also edited in accordance with the TEP system,
which means Translation – Editing – Proofreading.


This multiple-control principle serves to ensure the completeness, linguistic and factual accuracy of the translation. This is then followed by the submission of the translation to the client.  

Maintenance of confidentiality

All knowledge or documents made accessible to us, also for the purposes of quotations (know-how, documentation records, files, database material, explanations, instruction manuals, reference material) are treated with absolute confidentiality and are not made accessible to unauthorised third parties. Our employees and translators are moreover also likewise bound to confidentiality and data protection.


We have specified in writing the relevant scope of use and protection of knowledge in a confidentiality agreement and can gladly send you a signed copy thereof, upon request.


Applicable are the General Terms and Conditions of Bull translation. We can gladly send you a copy thereof at any time, upon request.


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