Since 1982, we translate texts from all languages, in the fields of medicine, economics, law, patents and technology, into English (UK, US and Canadian) and vice versa.


For this purpose, we have university graduates in the various specialist areas at our disposal, both locally as well as globally, who are academically trained and efficient translators with the specialist expertise, and who are moreover also native speakers in the target language. This serves to ensure an appellative and mentality adequate content as well as a linguistically and factually correct translation.


The interaction of experienced translators, the information technology capabilities and progressive means of communication around the world puts us in a position to achieve our primary objective, which is to perform the requested services for you quickly, correctly and on time, as well as to thereby provide you with high quality translations.


Translation does not merely involve translating words literally into a target language text, but also requires a completely appellative and mentality adequate transmission of the content of the source text into the target language text. A reader, when reading a translated text must have the impression that it pertains to the original text. In order to achieve this goal, a professional translator must dispose over an extremely high degree of linguistic and specialist knowledge. He must know how to translate a specific word in relation to the contents in the source text, in the same manner in the target language text.


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Bitte beachten Sie, dass Ihre Anfrage oder Ihr Auftrag für eine Übersetzung erst dann als erteilt gilt, wenn Ihnen eine schriftliche Bestätigung von uns vorliegt.


Please note that your request or order for a translation is not considered received until you have a written confirmation from us.

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