We offer professional specialist translations/ general translations from all languages and specialist areas pursuant to DIN EN 15038:2006.

Express translation
On request, we perform translations, whose completion requires overtime, night or weekend work, in the shortest time possible. Namely, depending on the amount of text to be translated: on the same day, within 24 hours, overnight or near-term.

In the case of this type of translation a surcharge in addition to the normal line price is usually charged, which has to be agreed upon prior to the processing the express translation order in personal consultation with the client.

In the case of express translations, the processing pursuant to TEP is dispensed with.


Official certifications
Our sworn / duly authorised translators, are at anytime empowered to officially certify documents such as certificates for products, wills, court decisions, powers of attorney, personal documents such as birth certificate certificates, passports, etc.


Translations from one foreign language into another foreign language
We also offer you translations from one foreign language directly into another foreign language = Translations without the involvement of the German language. All language combinations from a European, Arab or Asian language into another, are hereby possible e.g., in English-Chinese, Spanish-French, etc.

The translations are carried out by university graduates in a specialised area or by academically qualified native speakers in the target text country. This academic training ensures an appellative and mentality adequate translation that is concomitantly also linguistically and factually correct.


Project Management
The supervision of the translation orders from the acceptance up to the shipment to the client is performed by our Project Management.


Compilation of a terminology database
We offer you the option to make use of our terminology database service, whereby we shall hereby post your specialist and company-specific terms in our customer-related terminology database and shall update the terminological base, with every new translation order placed by you and according to your feedback.


Applicable are the General Terms and Conditions of Bull translation. We can gladly send you a copy thereof at any time, upon request.


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Please note that your request or order for a translation may only be deemed as received, insofar as you have received a written confirmation from us.

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